Introducing and sensitising kids from 10 - 12 years old into the world of computing and programming.

Introducing young people to


Coding@Schools is an initiative of the National Malaysian Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) that was announced in the Budget 2016 by the Prime Minister under the area of Accelerating Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The program is designed and coordinated by the National Strategy Unit, Ministry of Finance, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the State Education Department.

The program is aimed at introducing young people into the world of computing and programming to encourage them to become creators and contributors to the Internet rather than mere consumers. Participants of the program will learn the basics and fundamental principle of coding such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript that allow them to develop skills in creating and writing the code for the software application. This program in turn can help build participants' skills such as problem solving, creativity, collaboration and computational thinking which are 21st century skills.

The pilot program was held in 2016. The program has over the last two years directly trained 9,000 students nationwide; 3,000 students from 100 schools in 2016 and 6,000 students from 276 schools in 2017. The excellence of this program will continue in 2018 where a total of 6,000 participants from 296 schools will be trained in basic coding, website, app building and Micro:bit robotics as an additional component for the 2018 program. The culmination of this program is the National Code Challenge where best teams are placed under one roof for three days to refine their projects and pitch their apps or web apps prototypes.



Mini Bootcamp will be held at 4 locations during special events. Each bootcamp will have 40 participants from two schools where they will learn to build an app using LiveCode for 3 days.


Coding Bootcamp will be organized at 35 locations to reach 3,600 participants. Each Bootcamp will have 160 students from 8 schools whereby each school will be represented by 20 students. The Bootcamp will run for 3 days where students will be divided into 3 clusters: Website Development, Apps Building and Robotics.


Immersion Camp at 8 schools. This Camp is targeted for selected rural and remote schools. Each camp will run for 3 days for 30 students at the school lab where students will learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create website.


ALUMNI Students from 261 primary schools that participated in the 2016 and 2017 programs will get the opportunity to be part of the National Code Challenge (NCC) under the Alumni Category. The selection will be based on their efforts in the following activities: coding activities with communities, project submission and participation in the codingatschools.com portal. 15 teams will be chosen to take part in the finale at the NCC.


The culmination of Coding@Schools is National Code Challenge where selected best teams will compete for final prizes.



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